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Tips to choose Universities in Japan

Tips to choose Universities in Japan

★ Field of study・・・What do you truly want to study? Does that universityl really have that course? Check thoroughly on this

★ Your ability・・・Know your ability and select a university that allows you to sit for exams from several universities that match your level. Your exam results may not be good enough for the university you applied to. It is therefore wise to take the exams from a few universities.

★ Your future career goals・・・Well-known universities may not always suit for you! Please check out the characteristics and specialties of universities.

Points to consider while selecting universities

①Contents of lectures and research - Is the lecture you really want to take or research you plan to conduct offered?

②Program - Will it be a degree course as that taken by Japanese students? Does the course allow the degree be taken in English? - Will it be a short course in which you can learn Japanese language or Japanese culture?

③Research facilities - Are the research facilities comprehensive?

④Proven intake records and support system for international students - Are there any additional classes for Japanese language? Are there staffs to assist international students or tutors to help them in their studies and living?

⑤Accommodation - re there any school dormitory or student residence? Will there be any housing information service?

⑥Exam for admission - Does the school have a system that accepts admission before one leaves for Japan? What subjects are tested? Are you good at these subjects?

⑦School fees and other fees - How much are the school fees? Can you afford to pay for the duration of your studies?

⑧Scholarship and financial assistance - Are there any scholarship or fee waiver programs in this school? What are your chances of receiving a scholarship?

⑨Locality and environment - Is the school in a quiet environment conducive for studies? Will it be in the city or in the country? Will you be able to adapt yourself to climate change?

Source - Study in Japan.

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