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सेन्मोन गाक्कोउ जानु भन्दा अगाडि बुझ्न पर्ने ६ कुराहरु ।

Professional Training Colleges (専門学校)सेन्मोन गाक्कोउ

Specialized training colleges offering postsecondary courses are called professional training colleges and is one of the institutions classified under higher educational institutions. These colleges provide the learning of know-how, technology and skills useful in one’s future job and life as well as to improve their education. There are various colleges in different fields such as the medical care, technology, culture and general education, business, personal care and nutrition, education and welfare, fashion and home science, agriculture and much more. Certification is available for the following professions.

Animator, movie director, producer, game creator, interior designer, architect, system engineer, and more.

Those courses usually take 2 years to complete but more than 40% of the students are taking the 3 and 4-year course. The special feature of a professional training college is the variety of courses offered according to the skill and certification required.

The 6 check points when selecting a professional training college. सेन्मोन गाक्कोउ जानु भन्दा अगाडि बुझ्न पर्ने ६ कुराहरु ।

1 Is the college officially accredited? … Non-accredited colleges do not give out "diploma" title.

2 How is the course syllabus and the quality of its lecturers? … Be sure to check the curriculum and the lecturers.

3 Are the facilities and equipments adequate? … Check from pictures or information materials.

4 Does it have a career guidance system? How are the results? …Compare and study the career guidance policy, are the results? guidance method and the actual employment results.

5 How much is the total academic fee? … How much for the first year? What about the second year onwards? When are payments due?

6 What are the opinions of others? …This is the time you use your friends or the international students network.

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